Inmocarolina2006 Real Estate is a real estate company that has been working as a promoter for more than 15 years with the participation in Laderas del Palmar, Sanremo del Palmar and others. Also, due to the strong demand of our clients, it has been operating as a real estate agency since 2006.


With a high level of seriousness in the rendering of its services, it seeks to carry out excellent business with the proper efficiency, thus providing, tranquility to its clients in the sale of its own housing, housing by investment, rents and realization of works of designs And decoration. We do construction and renovation works from El Palmar to Playa Paraiso.


Inmocarolina2006 Real Estate Real Estate includes residential, luxury, commercial, industrial and leisure properties in the Canary Islands.


Our team of collaborators is formed by professionals with good knowledge to suggest the best alternatives. In addition, we have a fully computerized system, which allows a greater agility in the search and suitability of the profile of the property to your preference. We speak Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.


It is of our complete interest to capture new properties in the real estate market, both buying and selling.


Supported by professionalism and seriousness, Inmocarolina2006 Real Estate is positioned among the largest real estate companies created by the Tenerife South Real Estate Association.